Corporate Philosophy and Identity

Corporate Mission and Principles


Corporate Philosophy

Befitting the image of the "oak" in our corporate name and the qualities of "steadfastness," "vigor" and "growth" symbolized by the annual rings of this big tree maturing, Oak Capital will work to add value to the businesses of the middle-sized excellent companies in our investment portfolio and foster their growth. We are thus committed to contributing to the advancement and well-being of society.

Corporate Identity


Origin of corporate name

We decided to use the image of an oak tree in our corporate name. The oak tree has traditionally been hailed as a symbol of "steadfastness," "vigor" and "growth". It is known to spread its roots wide into the soil and grow into a towering tree as it matures. As the tree's age (prime assets) increases, its trunk and branches grow thick and become lush with luxuriant foliage. The branches and leaves of a big oak tree protect the soil beneath from excessive sunlight and much in the same fashion, our company aspires to become such big oak tree supporting the growth of its portfolio companies.