Information Disclosure Policy

Oak Capital is committed to providing accurate, timely and impartial information in compliance with the "Regulations concerning Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities" (hereinafter "Timely Disclosure Rules") established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter "TSE"). In addition, it is our basic policy to proactively release in an equitable manner other corporate information not falling under the Timely Disclosure and other regulations whenever deemed to be of use to investors in developing an understanding of our company and making investment decisions.


1. Criteria of Disclosure

Under the Timely Disclosure regulations, Oak Capital will perform disclosures in a fair and timely manner as following circumstances require: (1) whenever management decisions, significant events and information related to financial results (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Material Facts") are bound to produce an effect on investment decisions, (2) whenever the TSE may request disclosure of certain information and (3) whenever the contents of previously disclosed important corporate information undergo significant change such as discontinued relevance of such information.


2. Method of Information Disclosure

In accordance with the Timely Disclosure regulations, disclosure of information pertaining to Material Facts is made through the Timely Disclosure Information Communication System (hereinafter "TDnet") managed by the TSE following prior explanation of such disclosure to the TSE. Information disclosed on TDnet will also be posted on Oak Capital's website in a timely manner.


3. Future Prospects

1. Earnings Forecasts
Due to its intrinsic attributes, Oak Capital's investment banking business is significantly impacted by causes of stock market fluctuation making it difficult to assess the earnings forecasts in a reasonable manner. For this reason, Oak Capital has opted to forego disclosure of earnings forecasts and strive to make prompt disclosure of quarterly results instead. Forecasts will only be disclosed once they can be assessed in a reasonable manner.

2. Other Information
Information posted on Oak Capital's website may at the time of their disclosure contain projections based on conditions, forecasts and plans about or related to future events. Please bear in mind that all statements which are not historical facts may significantly vary from any particular projection due to various external factors such as changes in economic or stock market conditions.
For your evaluation of risks associated with Oak Capital's performance of its business and other matters, please refer to "Business-related and other Risks" as set forth in the Annual Securities Report (under Paragraph 4 [Business-related and other Risks] of Section 2 [Business Conditions] of Part 1 [Corporate Information]).

3. Investment Decisions
Information in this website is provided with the intention of promoting a better understanding about Oak Capital and does not constitute an investment solicitation.
When considering an investment in Oak Capital, we request that you make your own decision as to whether to invest.


4. Treatment of Material Facts

Oak Capital has established "Rules related to the Management of Insider Information and Insider Trading Sanctions" and handles undisclosed information with the greatest prudence while using its best endeavors to prevent insider trading. Under no circumstances, including when answering incoming inquiries, shall we comment on undisclosed important matters until the information has been disclosed according to the Timely Disclosure Rules. In addition, Oak Capital shall endeavor to timely disclose relevant information so as to prevent by all possible means undisclosed important matters from being inappropriately retained internally.


5. Other

When browsing Oak Capital's website for information, please refer to the Disclaimer posted on this website in addition to this Disclosure Policy.