Privacy Policy

Oak Capital Corporation (hereinafter "the Company") recognizes that proper protection of personal information and handling thereof constitutes a commitment of great importance. To meet this commitment, personal information will be held in the strictest confidence as per our privacy policy (hereinafter "the Policy") established as a standard of behavior to be upheld and strictly observed by all employees of the Company.

1. Management of Personal Information

The Company abides by the laws governing the protection of personal information as well as other related laws and regulations laid down by the state. The Company maintains a security system for the prevention of unauthorized access, loss, corruption, alteration or falsification of the retained personal information. To ensure tight control over the management of personal information, the Company has established a control system and taken various measures necessary to thoroughly educate its employees as well as deployed additional safety measures.

2. Handling of Personal Information

2.1 Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information

The Company collects, uses and provides pertinent and appropriate Personal Information to the extent necessary for its business operations. Unless the Company has obtained the prior consent from the subject individual of Personal Information, or unless the Company is legally permitted to do so, Personal Information will not be provided to a third party.

2.2 Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Company uses Personal Information to achieve the purposes of use listed below.

1.To implement various measures designed to retain the relationship between the Company and its Shareholders;
2.To provide and forward various types of information upon the subject individual's request;
3.To conduct survey analyses of the Company's business operations;
4.To communicate with competent governmental authorities or partner companies;
5.To implement the anticrime measures and crisis management of the Company;
6.To respond to the subject individual's inquiries;
7.To form employment-related judgments;
8.To use as a line of business communication;
9.For any other specific purposes notified at the time of collecting Personal Information.

3. Maintaining and Improvement of Personal Information Protection

The Company will on a continuous basis review and improve the Policy in compliance with revision of laws and ordinances concerning the handling of Personal Information and in accordance with social change.

4. Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

To ensure smooth development of its business operations, the Company may outsource the management of Personal Information in whole or in part. In this case and in order to ensure safe management of Personal Information subject to outsourced handling, the Company will conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision of the party who has received entrustment from the Company.

5. Disclosure, Revision and Deletion of Personal Information

The Company will properly and expeditiously attend to complaints and inquiries related to its handling of Personal Information. Individuals who are subject of the Company's retained Personal Information wishing to make a request to disclose (or, correct, add to, delete, cease provision of, or, receive notification of the purpose of utilization of) such Personal Information, are asked to submit such request using the contact link below. Please note that the Company cannot respond to such requests when made by such individuals visiting its office directly.

Contact information for complaints on the handling of personal information and general inquiries:
General Affairs Department, Oak Capital Corporation
8-10-24 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
TEL: 03-5412-7474