Oak Capital’s Strengths and Networks

Oak Capital’s Strengths

Since we provide growth support to companies in multiple business fields, we have established a wide information network and have multiple contacts that enable us to turn business plans into reality. We are also proud of our knowledge of versatile exit strategies.

Oak Capital’s Strengths

Extensive information network:

As an independent investment bank, we hold a neutral position and have established an extensive network enabling us to obtain a wide range of investment information. In addition, we have assembled a management team to propose and implement business strategies that help increase the corporate value of our clients.

Superior business support capabilities:

To carry out our basic investment policy of supporting growth strategies, it was necessary to assemble a team of professionals who are well versed in all aspects of corporate management as well as business fields of our client companies. Currently we have such human resource networks in place, and we provide task-force style business support.

Versatile investment schemes:

Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge of investment banking business and developed versatile investment schemes for a wide range of projects, enabling us to choose an optimal solution for each client and maximize our returns.


To securely continue carrying out of our basic investment policy of supporting growth strategies, we have established, among others, a network of information on new investments, and a network of support for current investment recipients enabling the realization of their business strategies. In addition, the businesses developed by our clients and their distribution networks as part of our group create synergies that further enhance the value of the recipients of our support.