Management strategy

Our objective is to be the investment banking leader that plays a key role in both Japanese and global economies.

The difference between investment banking and stock brokerage or commercial banking that focuses on loans is that investment banks engage in investments that would be too risky for commercial banks or stock brokerage firms. Our company was founded more than 100 years ago, and after entering the investment banking business field in 2001 we became an independent investment bank that assists listed companies looking to raise capital through issuing securities, as well as provides support and advice for growth scenarios that involve measures such as mergers, acquisitions and formulation of financial strategies. In addition, we have built a track record of domestic and foreign brand investments, including French silverware manufacturer Christofle. Financial and stock markets can be quite volatile, but we will continue to focus on themes of profitability, growth potential and trust, while we steadily work to diversify our investments and create a stable and resilient profit structure. We will keep close watch on current tendencies, and strive to always be one step ahead and to face risks without fear.

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