Dividend Policy


Basic Policy on Profit Distributions

Oak Capital places the highest priority on implementing appropriate profit allocations to all its stakeholders as called for in its basic profit distribution policy. When determining distributable profit, Oak Capital gives full consideration to the results of operations, financial conditions and availability of sufficient internal reserves for future business development while endeavoring to ensure sustained earning power. The Articles of Association of Oak Capital provide that "interim dividend payments may be declared annually using September 30 as a date of record by resolution of the Board of Directors." Oak Capital will accordingly implement profit distributions depending on future business performance. As before, the decision-making body for distributions out of surplus funds is the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Status of Dividend Distributions

Oak Capital will implement payment of current dividends of 5 JPY per share based on the above-stated basic policy and in consideration of current results of operations.
For the next period, Oak Capital is working toward a dividend payout ratio of 30% based on our basic policy on profit distributions.

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