Investment Philosophy/Investment Scheme

Investment Policy – Four Features

  • 特長1

    Track record of financing provided to mid-size listed companies

    We provide financing for mid-size companies listed on TSE First and Second Sections as well as on smaller equities markets such as Jasdaq and “Mothers”.
  • 特長2

    Track record of fair and proper subscriptions for financing by listed companies

    As an independent investment company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we have been subscribing for financing by listed companies in a fair and proper way in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • 特長3

    Supportive of agile financing with shortest implementation in only one and a half months

    Since we are not affiliated with financial institutions or business companies, we are not bound by any specific industry or corporation. This freedom enables us to make swift investment decisions based solely on publicly-available materials.
  • 特長4

    Supporting effective IR activities aimed at increasing recognition and improving visibility

    We support effective IR programs for investors designed to gain greater recognition and market attention following the implementation of the financing.

Investment Scheme

- Equity Financing for Listed Companies -