Improving the value of your company

Improving the value of your company - Arrangements Oak Capital can make as your financial advisor


With the aim of upgrading your company’s growth strategy, Oak Capital will provide all-encompassing support along the following lines.

  Support provided by Oak Capital
Fund raising support
  • Oak Capital has over the years established an impressive investment banking track record along with strong connections not only domestically but also throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.
  • We will meet your fund procurement needs and provide the optimal equity financing arrangement with flexible and prompt actions meeting the issuance deadline and all other terms and conditions.
Formulation of growth scenarios
  • Oak Capital has thus far achieved remarkable success in improving the performance of numerous listed companies enhancing their corporate value in the process.
  • We will formulate and propose measures for further upgrading your company’s growth strategy as well as preparing the growth scenario that will meet expectations from both investors and shareholders.
Strategic IR support
  • Oak Capital enjoys rightful legitimacy on the stock market thanks to its endeavors to successfully increase the trading volume and stock liquidity of its investee companies.
  • We will support your IR activities to ensure the relay of pertinent information related to your company’s management and business strategy to investors.
Various documentation drafting
  • We will support the drafting of various pieces of documentation required along the private placement process
    (for submission to competent authorities such as the Securities Exchange and the Finance Bureau).
  • We will provide computational evaluations, the contracts and similar due diligence pertaining to the financing.