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A community FM radio station bringing information and music that’s perfect for Karuizawa

Karuizawa FM broadcast Corp.

Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture is one of Japan’s favorite retreats from the summer heat. The region was introduced to the nation and the world in the 19th century when the Canadian Anglican missionary Alexander Croft Shaw proclaimed it “a most fitting land for a summer retreat.” Today Karuizawa is Japan’s foremost resort area, frequented by luminaries of the political, business and cultural worlds and with some 15,000 inns lining its streets.
FM Karuizawa was established with funding from many of Nagano Prefecture’s most prominent companies, as an FM radio broadcaster by and for the Karuizawa community.
Today listeners tune in to FM Karuizawa from every corner of Japan via the internet.

Principal Shareholders
Oak Capital Corporation
Shin-etsu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd.
The Shinano Mainichi Shinbun
Nagano Broadcasting Systems, Inc.
Prince Hotels, Inc.

The World’s First VR Theme Park
Monster VR

Monster VR, a model theme park, is jointly developed and operated for the first time in Japan by Oak Capital and GPM.

Oak Capital Corporation is partnering with GPM Co., Ltd. to develop and operate a model park for Monster VR, the world’s first virtual-reality (VR) theme park, in the Japanese market. Plans call for Monster VR to be introduced in large shopping centers, outlet malls, amusement parks and other commercial facilities. Development and market research for deployment of Monster VR in Japan began in 2018.

What is Monster VR?

Monster VR, the world’s first indoor VR theme park, opened at a Lotte Department Store location in Seoul (Konkuk University Star City Branch) in August 2018. It is the largest VR theme park in the Republic of Korea. With VR attractions divided into 45 themes, the popular park has attracted 300,000 people since it opened—an average of 17,000 per month.
Plans are moving forward to expand the concept to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

GPM is a Korean company engaged in the development of VR content and attractions and the design of VR theme parks.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that creates artificial environments that feel realistic by presenting images and stimulating human sense faculties.
Devices attached to or worn on the body are combined with computer-generated video and audio to create a convincing three-dimensional space.
Lotte Department Store, Konkuk University Star City Branch, Seoul

Monster VR Attractions (Theme: Physical experience)

Gyro VR

This is a 3D-rotation adventure attraction wherein robots clash over a city’s skies while performing 360-degree rotations horizontally and vertically.

Rafting Attraction

This is a 3D adventure attraction in which players ride a boat through impenetrable jungle to escape the clutches of marauding dinosaurs.

Hot-air Balloon

In this adventure attraction, players ride a hot-air balloon to explore a jungle island populated with dinosaurs.

Flying Jet

In this fighting-adventure attraction, players stand and battle robots over city skies while rotating 180 degrees.

Roller Coaster

This is a thrilling physical-experience-type adventure attraction that simulates a roller-coaster ride.

Fantasy Tree

Players start out swinging on a swing hanging in an enormous tree, then ride a drone to tour a world of fantasy int his travel-adventure-style attraction.

Bungee Jump

In this fear-inducing, adventure-type attraction, players leap from tree to tree like Tarzan and perform terrifying bungee jumps.


This is a fighting-type attraction in which players shoot down bad guys while riding through the skies of New York on a hoverboard.

High-altitude Escape

With a time limit of 100 seconds, players cross a vertigo-inducing bridge while shooting down attacking bad guys in this high-altitude adventure attraction.

Monster VR Attractions (Theme: Adventure)


Against the backdrop of a futuristic city, players soar through the air in this chasing-adventure attraction.

Doctor X

In this escape-adventure attraction, players drive a car through a dark maze, chased by dinosaurs.

Car Racing

In this thrillingly realistic car-racing attraction, players feel like professional drivers in a grueling car race.

Top Vulcan

Players shoot Vulcan cannons to protect their city from invading aliens in this 3D fighting attraction.


In this sports-experience attraction, players become bobsled athletes, competing on simulations of real bobsled courses.

Top Adventure

This physical-experience attraction takes guests on a whirlwind tour of exciting locations, such as the Great Wall, Jurassic World and a city of the future.

Monster VR Attractions (Themes: Walking tour, Rooms, Horror)

E.S.C. (zombies)

This is a horror-type attraction in which players fight for their lives to destroy zombies attacking in the dark.

Monster Cube

Players choose content from dozens of VR games and play within a defined time limit in this dedicated-box-type attraction.

Monster Cinema

Seated in a special chair designed for VR cinema, guests view a wide range of VR cinema features.

Horror Attractions

Wheelchair of Horror

Bound to a wheelchair in a frightening abandoned house, players are chased by zombies in this horror-experience attraction.

Deserted House

In this escape-type attraction, players must fulfill a mission to escape from a room in a deserted house.


Players enter an actual enclosed space and are captured by a mysterious being in this horror-experience attraction.

Corporate Profile

Trade name
GPM Co., Limited.
4F, 24, Songdogwahak-ro 84beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
Park Song-Jeun, Founder & CEO
VR content and attraction development, VR theme-park design
450 million yen