Overseas Investment

Hawaii Resort and Golf Club

Makani Golf Club opened in 1997.
The club’s 18-hole, par-72 golf course was designed and overseen by Perry Dye and Pete Dye, a father-and-son team of golf architects, who strategically positioned the course for an unforgettable setting.

One of only a few hilltop golf courses on the Big Island of Hawaii, Makani’s altitude assures a cool, comfortable golfing experience all day long. In spring jacaranda trees, sometimes known as Hawaiian cherry trees, blossom throughout the golf course, creating a joyous explosion of color.

Introduction to Activity Facilities

Star Dome -Gaze at the starry skies at an elevation of 600m-

  • The peak of Mauna Kea in the US state of Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to observe the starry night sky. It is home to astronomical observatories of numerous countries.
  • Most starry-sky observation tours either ascend the 4,207m to the peak of Mauna Kea or enjoy the view from Mauna Kea State Park at 2,000m elevation.
  • Tourists who set out for their tour from a beachside hotel or from the city of Kona can expect the tour to take from half a day to a full day. Considerable changes in temperature are to be expected.
  • Makani Golf Club is situated at an elevation of 600m, about a 30-minute drive from the beach or the city of Kona. This easy access makes Makani Golf Club a fun and convenient option for viewing the starry sky.
  • Inside the Star Dome, visitors can view the starry skies in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Overseas IPO

From the day Biosensors International Group, Ltd. was founded to its listing on the Singapore Exchange, Oak Capital has provided comprehensive support in the form of sales support, financing and preparation for IPO.

Investment in Biosensors International: ¥1.2 billion
Market value of stake after IPO: ¥60 billion

May 2005 Biosensors International Group, Ltd. is listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.
Lu Yoh-Chie, chairman and founding CEO of Biosensors International and Hiroyasu Takei, chairman, representative director and CEO of Oak Capital