Basic Corporate Data


Trade name Oak Capital Corporation
Founded 1868
Head office 6F, Sumitomo Fudosan Aoyama Bldg., 8-10-24 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital ¥4,282 million
Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section (stock code: 3113; listed in 1949)
Lead managing securities firm Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
Statutory auditor Nihonbashi Corporation
Correspondent bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., MUFG Bank, Ltd.



Hiroyasu Takei
Chairman, representative director and CEO

Chairman and representative director of Christofle Japan

Tsutomu Akita
Director, Head of Administration & Control Division

Fuyuki Makino

Tomoyasu Ozeki

Former post:
Partner, Accenture Corp.

Yoshifumi Uda

Former post:
Representative director and vice president, NTT DoCoMo Inc.


  • Hideya Takahashi
    Standing Statutory Auditor

  • Makoto Sakai

    Brief CV:

  • Motosuke Hirose

    Brief CV:
    Managing Director, Social Sports Center

  • Sonomi Ueno

    Brief CV:
    Attorney and certified public accountant


Yukio Okamoto

Brief CV:
Graduated from Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Director, Okamoto Associates
Senior Fellow, MIT International Research Center
Diplomatic Analyst

Harunobu Yamada

Brief CV:
Graduated from Department of Economics, University of Tokyo
Deputy CEO & Deputy Country Manager of Japan, HSBC

Hong Liang Lu

Brief CV:
Graduated from University of California at Berkeley
President and CEO, UT Starcom, Inc.

Kiyoji Odashima

Brief CV:
Director, Sendai Regional Taxation Bureau
Tax accountant, Odajima Tax Accounting Office (current post)

Yoshikazu Nagano

Brief CV:
Former public prosecutor, Supreme Public Prosecutors Office
Attorney, Yoshikazu Nagano Law Office

Message from the CEO

〇Becoming a General Financial Service Group
Today’s market environment changes with eye-watering speed. To build a robust investment bank while orienting itself toward an increasingly diverse financial industry, Oak Capital Corporation has devised a targeted acquisition strategy. By bringing a securities firm and an asset-management company under its umbrella, Oak Capital has created a framework to provide wide-ranging financial services in three major fields: investment banking, securities trading and asset management.

〇A Changing Business Environment
For listed companies, building enterprise value has never been more important. As the global economy shifts into a lower gear, equity markets are rebalancing. The Tokyo Stock Exchange in particular is conducting a comprehensive review of the market for listed companies. Against this background, the roles of investment banks and securities firms in the management strategies of listed companies are increasingly overlapping, in areas such as capital policy, industry reorganization and consolidation, and mergers and acquisitions.
The monetary environment poses other challenges. As individual and corporate investors alike struggle to find attractive investment targets amid the Bank of Japan’s negative-interest-rate policy, we expect the asset-management market to burgeon as demand for these services intensifies. Both trends are favorable to Oak Capital.

〇Becoming an Innovative Financial Group
In its former capacity as an independent investment bank, Oak Capital has heretofore focused closely on risk investment, in areas such as underwriting of equity finance, growth-support investment and restructuring investment, aimed at listed companies in Japan and overseas. While these efforts have earned substantial success, going forward we intend to train our sights on financial services geared to boosting enterprise value including investment banking in capital markets, securities dealing and M&A advisory services, focusing on emerging markets and companies listed on small and medium-sized stock markets.
In securities and asset-management operations, we are assembling financial instruments such as investment funds and IPO funds. In this way we are developing as an investment bank with securities-trading and asset-management functions capable of serving a wide range of fields.

Hiroyasu Takei
Chairman and CEO

Business Results

FY2013 to FY2018 (non-consolidated results)

Unit: 100 million of yen